Ashland Community Center – San Leandro, CA

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While at Weir/Andrewson, Mike Zelazek provided the design and construction phase services for the New Community Building as part a project-wide rehabilitation and repair. The new community building provides the property with a new focal point and meeting area, and much-needed services to residents, including after school programs, employment counseling services, and computer training.  The building was a challenge to site because existing utilities constrained the footprint significantly. A simple floor plan layout with minimal wasted circulation space was key. Programmatically, it was essential that the community building allow for visibility and monitoring of activities both from within, and from the exterior.  This was accomplished through the extensive use of glass and interior fenestration.

Architect and Structural Engineer: Weir/Andrewson Associates
General Contractor: D&H Construction
Budget: $1 million
Construction Duration: 7 months